Song of The Day – High-Ku ‘ Flowers’

Song of The Day – High-Ku ‘ Flowers’

Every time you search for new music, Soundcloud presents you with gems; ‘ Flowers’ by High-Ku is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year and once you hear it, I am you will all feel the same. High-Ku is a multi-talented artist, he excels in rapping, producing and singing and on ‘ Flowers’ he showcases his versatility creating a soulful RnB anthem, which would slot perfectly into any Slow Jamz playlist.

High-Ku not only is able to sing at a high level he has many other talents, his production is next level, providing Dilla and Nujabes vibes while adding his own unique twist creating a wide range of high-quality instrumentals. However, one talent that I hope doesn’t get overlooked is his song-writing ability his style is very poetic, I feel you could read all his lyrics as a poem and that is a talent that separates him from his peers, many artists make good music but not many make art and that’s the high standard I hold High-Ku to.

Written by @sam_magss


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