‘Song of The Day’- Jay2 ‘ ChinChilla’

‘Song of The Day’- Jay2 ‘ ChinChilla’

Zero Fatigue rapper Jay 2 has been making bangers for a while now and when him on Monte Booker team up you already know two things: one it will sound like summer and two it’s going to make you move. The style both these artists have created together is special, Monte Booker has a futuristic production style and when that meets Jay2’s rapping style which is a mixture of punchlines and flows, you are always going to end up with  hard-hitting tracks and that is exactly what ‘ ChinChilla’ is.

On ‘ ChinChilla’ Jay2 and Monte Booker use the formula that has never failed them, a sound which they refer to as ‘Zilch Bounce’. This sound takes influences from a wide range of different genres and Jay2 and Monte Booker put all those sounds together and turn it into their own form of Hip Hop. This has lead to a sound they can now call thier own; I feel they are at the forefront of this new wave in hip hop which came to prominence with producers like Monte himself.

With Monte Booker being heavily involved in other Zero Fatigue members projects it is safe to assume he will be doing the same with Jay 2’s whenever he is ready to release a project and we cannot wait for it here at LonelyStar.

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Written by @sam_magss


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