‘Song of The Day’ – Jaz Karis ‘ Sugar Don’t Be Sweet’

‘Song of The Day’ – Jaz Karis ‘ Sugar Don’t Be Sweet’

20 year old singer from South London singer Jaz Karis is another artist I came across by chance, I was on SoundCloud looking for new material for tomorrow’s ‘ Weekly Star’ and I found this beautiful song. The singer’s ethereal vocals shine through on this song, as she paints a perfect picture with her lyrics behind an acoustic guitar.

The singer gives off a Jhene Aiko vibes, where they can use their voice alone with minimal production needed to evoke emotions and tell a perfect story,  captivating you  letting the song take you wherever they intend  it to take you and in this case a place of dreams. The video adds a more cinematic feel to the song. The animations tell the story of her lyrics perfectly.

It is very rare to come across singers with this kind of talent but when we do it is a special feeling. The south London singer recently released an EP called ‘Into the Wilderness’ which features 6 songs and if you are looking for a smooth RnB vibe we highly recommended you listen to the EP.

‘ Sugar Don’t Be Sweet’ is today’s ‘ Song of The Day’ and here at LonelyStar we cannot wait to hear what she does next.

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Written by @sam_magss


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