‘Song of The Day’- LEEHAKEN ‘ Just to Seem’

‘Song of The Day’- LEEHAKEN ‘ Just to Seem’

Occasionally, on SoundCloud you stumble upon some gems, or an artist you know you will instantly love and that is exactly what LeeHaken is. The 20-year-old singer from London creates a beautiful song with ‘ Just To Seem.’ The song has a soft melodic Zelda like instrumental and her soft vocals really shine through creating one of my favourite songs of the year so far.

The song may be short but it does all it needs to do within that short space of time. From her music, it is clear she has vocal and song writing abilities but what stands out to me is how unique her sound is, I feel she takes inspirations from wide range of different genres and eras; we cannot wait to hear how these different genres and influences shape her future music.

It is unconfirmed what plans the singers has for the future but what is certain is that she is destined for big things, her unique style and ethereal vocals make for a blissful listening experience and we can guarantee you will leave her music feeling something.

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Written by @sam_magss


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