‘Song of The Day’ – Louis Jack ‘Grill’

‘Song of The Day’ – Louis Jack ‘Grill’

Bristol rapper Louis Jack is definitely one to watch, the rapper has a 90’s feel to his music and delivers a political message with his lyrics reminding me of Joey Bada$$ and Rejjie Snow. He like them belong among a crop of rappers that feel if they have message to spread they will do so; no matter how brash or outlandish an outsider might perceive the message they will continue to stand by what they believe in and that is what UK rap needs, people who tell the truth in their music without caring if they offend anyone. Louis Jack refuses to compromise his art for the masses and it shows in his music.

On ‘ Grill’ Louis Jack delivers one of the best songs I have heard in a while; Grill has a melodic dark 90’s beat and he kills the verses, he has ‘Old Skool ‘style when he rhymes but he still manages to make his music sound modern and exciting. The rappers dark humour and retrospective lyrics make for a great song from a talented rapper destined for great things.

Written by @sam_magss


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