‘Song of The Day’-Poppy Ajudha X Kojey Radical ‘Spilling into You’

‘Song of The Day’-Poppy Ajudha X Kojey Radical ‘Spilling into You’

The UK neo soul and Jazz scene has been flourishing for a while and Poppy Ajudha has been at the forefront of this new wave. The 22-year-old singer from London has be perfecting her sound for a while, which I would describe as a blend between neo soul and Jazz with a modern twist, crafting her own unique sound and songs like ‘Spilling into You’ show why she is so special.

It is clear through her music that Poppy Ajudha has a wide range of influences, many of which came before her time. Her music has that old-school Motown sound but by no means does her music sound dated, she has the perfect balance between old and new.

‘Spilling into You’ has a new soulful jazzy vibe much like the one Hiatus Kaiyote provide, where they take such a soulful sound and somehow make it sound modern, blending a wide range of instruments with soulful vocals creating music that would sound even better live. We also cannot neglect  Kojey Radical, the rapper provides a soulful cameo tying the track together perfectly.

Poppy Ajudha has been an artist we have been following for a while and it is amazing to see the progression of her music and it is clear she is destined for big things (and hopefully a song with Hiatus Kaiyote). Here at LonelyStar we cannot wait to see what she does next.

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Written by @sam_magss 


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