‘Song of The Day’ – Ravyn Lenae ‘ Unknown’

‘Song of The Day’ – Ravyn Lenae ‘ Unknown’

In terms music collectives/labels  talent wise ‘ Zero Fatigue’ may be up there with the very best, hailing talent such as Smino, Monte Booker, Jay 2 , Jean Deaux and today’s owner of ‘ Song of The Day’ Ravyn Lenae. The 19-year-old singer from Chicago has found herself on songs with fellow Chicago artist’s like Mick Jenkins and Noname and has also released two amazing EP’s, ‘ Moon Shoes and ‘ Midnight Moonlight’ which was one of our favourite projects this year which gave birth to ‘ Unknown’.

‘Unknown’ is without a doubt one of my favourite songs this year, the concept of it is flawless, meshing Monte Booker’s unique futuristic production style with Ravyn’s angelic vocals and signwriting abilities creating one the best RnB songs of the year and if you have not, we highly recommend you listen to ‘Midnight Moonlight.’

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Written by @sam_magss 


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