Song of The Day – Sonder ‘ One Night Only

Song of The Day – Sonder ‘ One Night Only

Some say that Brent Faiyaz and Sonder were sent by God to bring back real RnB and although that may sound excessive at first, when you hear the music they produce it becomes increasingly hard to argue against this statement. Sometimes when I hear Brent Faiyaz sing I forget he only just turned 22, his voice instantly takes me back to the 90’s and when linked with Dpat and Atu production the mellow vibe they bring instantly makes me feel nostalgic, taking me to an era of music before I was born which gave birth to the likes of Maxwell Jodeci R Kelly Erykah TLC and SWV this is how far back Sonder takes me back. 

On ‘One Night Only’ Sonder continues that 90’s vibe which they have channelled so well and made in to their own sound. This song has not been officially released but I heard it on Soulection and fell in love with it instantly and the fact Sonder are sitting on this kind of unreleased music their potential is endless.

Written by @sam_magss


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