‘Song of The Day’ – Taliwhoah ‘ Meds’ and ‘ Sweetest Escape’

‘Song of The Day’ – Taliwhoah ‘ Meds’ and ‘ Sweetest Escape’

The UK music scene right now is flourishing, so many artists are making music filled with creativity and breaking boundaries showing our overseas contemporise that we can make diverse music that sounds amazing.

North London singer Taliwhoah has been gaining a lot of attention due to the creativity of her music many calling it ‘Trap Soul’. However, I feel that is a lazy way to label her music, Taliwhoah meshes a wide range of genres such as RnB, House, Funk and Reggae creating her own sound. Her sound has ‘ Soulection’ vibe; where the music sounds futuristic and that is the vibe I get from both of today’s ‘ Song of The Day’ ‘Meds’ and ‘ Sweetest Escape’.

On ‘ Meds’ Taliwhoah makes a House infused RnB banger, with a instrumental that reminds of Kaytranda’s production style; she has clear song writing abilities, as her lyrics tell a story of revenge on a lover while providing an infectious hook for a song which you could play in any setting

However, on ‘ Sweetest Escape’ Taliwhoah opts for a completely different sound, showing her versatility providing a dark RnB song with hard hitting drums and warm synths providing a more traditional RnB feel, while also maintaining the  dark vibe. Her vocals really shine through on this track, we thoroughly enjoyed both tracks and recommend you stay tuned for what she does next

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Written by @sam_magss 


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