Song of The Day – Tess Kharyn ‘ After Party’

Song of The Day – Tess Kharyn ‘ After Party’

It is hard to find artists with the experience of Tess Kharyn, from the tender age of 7 she was learning piano and went to Classical competitions until the 7th Grade, she then transitioned into her next chapter in music, entering pop competitions around the world, while also writing and producing songs for other Musician. I feel all these experiences made her the artist she is today and these experiences will shape her into the incredible artist she has potential to become.

Two Years ago she moved to London and began to create her own sound in the RnB genre and ‘ After Party’ is a perfect way to start, the modern sultry RnB song has all the elements which make a perfect RnB song in 2017, her vocal performance on this song was amazing; her ethereal vocals blend into the instrumental perfectly and the harmonies on this song were blissful.

This is just her first song and from this small sample, it is clear she is destined for big things and we cannot wait to hear more music from her. She has an EP coming soon and we look forward to hearing her progression and growth.

‘ After Party’ is available on all platforms, also follow the artist @tesskharyn


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