‘ Song of The Day’ – Yiigaa ‘ Warm Water’

‘ Song of The Day’ – Yiigaa ‘ Warm Water’

Many artists struggle to create their own sound often mimicking their idols or just follow the current trend; Yiigaa is the complete opposite. The South London singer has already innovated her own sound, creating a style which is traditionally RnB but mixed with other more modern sounds, creating perfect alternative RnB. ‘ Warm Water’ is one of my favourite songs by her and one of my favourite UK RnB releases this year.

Yiigaa is a special artist, vocally she sounds amazing hitting a range of notes in all her music; her beat selection is always immaculate but one skill that is always overlooked with singers is their songwritting ability, Yiigaa constantly puts together well-structured songs, bringing introspective lyrics and infectious hooks like she did on ‘ Warm Water.’

We cannot wait to see what Yiigaa does in the near future, we have no doubt she is destined for the top and if ‘ Warm Water’ left you wanting more check her EP ‘ Mist’ Down below.

Written by sam_magss 


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