Song of The – Deanne Yvette ‘ Selfish’

Song of The – Deanne Yvette ‘ Selfish’

The first time I heard Deanne was during the creation of LonelyStar, I heard her song ‘ Trust’ and immediately knew she had talent, but what shocked me more was her age, for someone who was just 17 when I first heard her, the maturity in her voice and music was amazing, seeing the progression in her music since then with ‘ Selfish’gives me, even more, things to love about her music. From ‘ Selfish’ it is clear she has a talent for song-writing, each part of the song is written perfectly and the topic is coherent throughout.

As always, her vocal talent shined through and the production of the song was nice an simple and went well with her voice, creating a smooth RnB anthem. Here at LonelyStar, we are big fans of Deanne and if she keeps making great music like this her potential is endless. Also, check out her first song ‘ Trust’ both songs will be down below.

Written by @sam_magss


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