Song of The Day – Ama Jones ‘ Don’t Fly ‘

Song of The Day – Ama Jones ‘ Don’t Fly ‘

Soundcloud is a place full of gems, and today I happened to stumble upon London songstress Ama Jones. I loved all the songs on her soundcloud but the one that stood out to me the most was ‘don’t fly’, the instrumental was perfect, it was so eclectic and far from what you expect from a instrumental complimenting a vocalist but somehow it worked perfectly.

Ama has an angelic voice and her ability to effortlessly float on tracks gives her music a relaxing appeal to where her music can be played in any mood or setting; I can imagine listening to her music whether I am stressed, happy or sad and that is a talent missing in popularised music today.

Ama is a future star and we cannot wait to hear more music from her in the near future, be sure to listen to her other songs on her soundcloud while waiting for new music from her.

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