Song of The Day – Brandon * ‘These Quiet Nights’ (feat. Sipprell)

Song of The Day – Brandon * ‘These Quiet Nights’ (feat. Sipprell)

Soundcloud is a place full of gems but it is very rare to unearth something this beautiful, whenever beautiful production meets a beautiful voice it is always a blissful listening experience but for this song, even that would not be a worthy description, this song is one of the best songs I have heard in a very long time not just sonically but because of how perfectly it was executed.

The instrumentation on this song is beyond amazing the use of the guitar and other string instruments on this song were beyond genius the composition by Brandon* show a musician who is elite at his craft, gorgeously bring all these amazing instruments and sounds together creating something so beautiful. However, just as the beauty of the instrumental cannot be questioned nor can the exceptional vocal performance of Sipprell, her voice over these instrumental is just ethereal, I have said many times she is a future star and she delivers every single time. Both these artist are special and I look forward to hearing more amazing music from them in the near future.

Written by @Mags_ls


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