Song of The Day – Chiara Noriko ‘Love’

Song of The Day – Chiara Noriko ‘Love’

Chiara Noriko in a way is SoundCloud veteran she has been making amazing music for years now and this might be her best song yet. It is amazing to see an artist be consistent for so long and that is exactly what Chiara has been able to achieve with ease,  and she always she reminds of us through her music with the way she able to use her voice is effortless and songs like this remind us why she is one of RnB’s future stars.

The use of instrumentation is this song was perfect, her vocals to match where ethereal, the song is just beautiful, from her voice to the lyrics, to the instrumental all just incredible. As I said earlier it amazing how she has been able to be this consistent for so long. I really hope she releases a project this year. This her first release this year and if this is any indicator of what she has in store, we can expect many more great songs.

Written by @Mags_ls 


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