Song of The Day- Ddeanne Yvette ‘Simple Things ‘ (feat. Camzino)

Song of The Day- Ddeanne Yvette ‘Simple Things ‘ (feat. Camzino)

When two artists you have been following for a while team up you instantly get excited and they did not disappoint with this collaboration both a shinning on the track, delivering an infectious RnB anthem.

The song starts with a verse and hook from Camzino perfectly setting the tone for the song. Ddeanne then comes in providing a verse highlighting her vocal talent while providing blissful harmonies before the hook comes in again tying the song together perfectly, displaying the strong chemistry they both have together, perfectly complimenting each other on a song that is going to be in constant rotation for a long time. The instrumental also cannot be forgotten the smooth production fitted the song to perfection, giving the track a nice mellow vibe.

Both artists delivered something special on this song and we hope for more collaboration in the near future. Also be sure to check out the rest of their individual music.

Written by @sam_magss


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