Song of The Day – Ebz the Artist ‘Say It’

Song of The Day –  Ebz the Artist ‘Say It’

Ebz is an artist that could fit in any era post 90’s, she has the soul of many 90’s RnB singers mixed with the modern electronic sounds which can be heard throughout her music. This blend of 90’s soul along with the willingness to explore her creativity and try different sounds can be seen in her Influences. The North Carolinian singer influences range from Lauryn Hill, Brandy and Floetry all the way to modern artists such as Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino and Solange.

Music has been a huge part of her life ever since the age of 8  when she first decided to pick up the guitar and since then has gone on to learn a range of other instruments but it was not until her Freshman year, she decided to record. Since then she has released a plethora of releases on SoundCloud my favourite being ‘ Say it ‘

There is something so special about this song, the way the blissful harmonies at the beginning of the song perfectly set the mood for the song;  the repeated ‘ Say it’, her rapping at the end, all come together to create an ethereal vibe. Her vocal performance on this song is beautiful and if this is any indication of what to expect from her ‘ Volumes’ project dropping in spring, she is going to reach astronomical heights this year.



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