Song of The Day – Gray ‘Deposition’

Song of The Day – Gray ‘Deposition’

Hailing from the BS crew Gray has consistently blessed us with amazing releases on SoundCloud and his most recent song ‘ Deposition’ is no different. The ‘ Get You ‘ sample on this track is beautiful, the use of the Kali Uchis vocals add a nice feel to the song, creating a mellow romantic vibe, perfectly fitting the mood of the song.

We included Gray in our artists to watch list earlier this year and releases like this show you exactly why we hold him so highly, to have earlier releases like, ‘ October Interlude’ and Servin but to then to add ‘ Deposition to that collection is no easy feat and further testament to how great of an artist he is.

2018 is already proving to be a huge year for him and I cannot wait to see what he releases next.

Written by @sam_magss 


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