Song of The Day – Hana ‘ West Coast Freestyle’

Song of The Day – Hana ‘ West Coast Freestyle’

Hana is an artist we have covered a few times now so we expect you to know her name by now but incase you don’t you will after this one. We have stated perviously with every release she gets better and better and this is no different. Last artice we wrote about Hana we praised her amazing vocal talent and how she is able to effortlessly glide on tracks, well that has not changed but on THIS one shes switching between kicking flows and singing like shes been doing it her whole life. On ‘ West Coast Freestyle’  Hana  gives a London swagger over a West Coast style  beat managing to keep funky as well as keeping it  London. If you’re not sold yet she said this is just a warm up so imagine what its going to be like when she is fully warmed up.

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Written by Mags.@sam_magss 


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