Song of The Day – Harve ‘ Caught Up’

Song of The Day – Harve ‘ Caught Up’

This is a song I have been meaning to write about for a while. London based, artist Harve has already crafted her own sound so early into her career, the way she meshes electronic sounds with such soulful Rnb undertones truly is amazing and unlike anything, I have heard in a while and ‘ Caught Up’ is her sound in it’s finest form.

The beauty of this song lies in how well her voice and the instrumental perfectly accentuate each other. the instrumental is just as beautiful and spacey as her voice and when they both come together it creates something so unique, weird but at the same time incredible. That is the best way I can describe her music it is not one particular sound or style but the outcome is beautiful, to say the least.

Harve only has 3 songs on her SoundCloud right now and I encourage you to listen to them all and I cannot wait to see how far she goes as an artist. Her sound truly is special and I predict amazing things for her music in the future.

Written by @Mags_ls


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