Song of The Day – Hope Tala ‘ Blue’

Song of The Day – Hope Tala ‘ Blue’

Hope Tala is a singer we have been a fan of for a while, after hearing her earliest release ‘ Peace freestyle’ we knew she was a special talent and she continues to prove that with her most recent release. Her sound is unique and that is what draws people to her music, it always has that warm feeling to it, her use of instrumentation in her songs is always perfect and ‘ Blue ‘ is no different.

‘Blue’ reminds me why I fell in love with her music in the first place, the warm instrumentation and the way she uses her voice. She effortlessly floats on songs and when you add that to the beautiful instrumentation it always results in incredible songs, it is amazing the way this songs just feel like summer but also is a lot deeper than that it displays her songwriting and ability to portray a message in her music. in reality, the song is quite cold in meaning despite the warm sound, this contrast adds to the beauty of the song and I cannot wait to hear more music from Hope Tala.

Written by @Mags_ls 


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