‘Song of The Day’ Hope Tala X Tokyo The Producer – My Way

‘Song of The Day’ Hope Tala X Tokyo The Producer – My Way

Hope Tala and Tokyo The Producer team up together to produce a perfect rendition of the Hope Tala’s ‘ Peace Freestyle. Tokyo The Producer put a nice twist on the song giving it a more futuristic feel which he often does with his with his sound, both their styles together just deliver something perfect.

Both the ‘ Peace Freestyle ‘ and My Way were shown to me by my friend and both songs furthered my belief that in the UK there is currently a wide range of talented artist’s making music void of restrictions and single genres. Hope Tala is very much among that company, the singer has a unique voice which sounds so pleasing under soft instrumentals, she gives me Jhene Aiko and Lilly Allen vibes where both can make catchy melodic music but tell so much with their lyrics in a poetic way. Her music is a blend of neo soul and jazz and I have no doubt she is one for the future.

Tokyo cannot be neglected; his production has already been featured on Lonely Star with Cam’s No stress and we are sure he will behind many more hits in the coming months and years. Both these artists are destined for greatness and we advise you to make sure you keep up with what they do next.

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