Song of The Day – KEYAH/BLU ‘ Alice’s Purge’

Song of The Day – KEYAH/BLU ‘ Alice’s Purge’

East London rapper KEYAH/BLU is an artist who has cultivated a fan base over the last year with a few SoundCloud releases all of which I have enjoyed thoroughly and it easy to see why she has such a strong following; the fact that In her words, she carries a lot of feeling and truth, a trait that separates her from many rappers today.

However, what initially made me so drawn to her style is her uniqueness, there’s something about her sound which I have not heard elsewhere and is one of the several reasons Alice’s Purge is today’s Song of The Day’

Keyah paints a picture on this song which was raw, not afraid to show vulnerability and I think that is what makes the song so beautiful, the soft voice over the mellow instrumental all make the song so special but again, it is the weight behind her words that make her so rare, every time she opens her mouth you feel she has something meaningful to say and I cannot wait for her ‘Pure Set Honey ‘ Project set for spring 2018 release.

Written by Mags.


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