Song of The Day – Olivia Nelson ‘ Smother Me’

Song of The Day – Olivia Nelson ‘ Smother Me’

Olivia Nelson is no novice when it comes to RnB, her soulful vocals have earned her collaborations with Soulection producer Jarreau Vandal who she has been a frequent collaborator with creating  beautiful records such as Hideaway, Someone That you Love and Today’s Song of The Day ‘ Smother Me’

Olivia’s influences range from John Mayer to more soulful artists such as Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill and even Donny Hathaway. It is easy to see these traces of soul and songwriting prowess in her music, as she effortlessly meshes different elements of RnB in her music, perfectly capturing soft ethereal melodies with her voice as well as capturing those soulful powerful notes taking us through different ranges of emotion through her music and she does this to perfection on ‘ Smother Me.’

‘Smother Me’ is an experience, from the way she uses her voice to the lyrics, the whole song was executed without fault. Jarreau Vandal’s production on the track was simplistic but did exactly what it needed to do, perfectly accentuating Olivia’s vocals letting her being the star of the show. Olivia’s performance on this track was sensational her vocal performance was out this world; allowing her voice to portray the power of her feelings, those feelings of infatuation, love and warmth were all felt throughout the song and that is a sign of a special artist, someone who is able to evoke emotion from the listener and that is exactly what she does with ‘Smother Me’.

Her EP is scheduled for an early Summer release and we cannot wait to hear more music from her in the near future.


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