Song of The Day – RAHEAVEN ‘Don’t Overdose’

Song of The Day – RAHEAVEN ‘Don’t Overdose’

A singer with a name that perfectly describes her voice. North London singer RAHEAVEN  was born to Eritrean parents and often states the importance of her heritage, she was inspired by Eritrean diaspora culture and credits that as a major reason for her creativity and it is beautiful to see such an amazing artist hold her culture so dear to her and reflecting that in her interviews and music.

Her music and this song especially made me feel nostalgic, it took me back to the early 2000’s ( although I was a child) that music played a huge part in my life and RAHEAVEN captured it perfectly, the infectious instrumental; gorgeous melodies and harmonies all just took me all the way back to a place before responsibilities. The song just made me incredibly happy and I knew I had to listen to the rest of the EP immediately. Despite the Blissful sounds, the message of the song still resonated heavily with me, she is using situations and experiences she has been through to touch an audience because we can all relate and that is a sign of a truly special artist.

Don’t overdose is one of the best songs I have heard in a while and RAHEAVEN is an artist who is going to do amazing things this year; be sure to check her EP ‘ Heaven on Earth’ because I will have a full article about it later this week, also follow her SoundCloud.

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