Song of The Day – Sipprell ‘ Personal’

Song of The Day – Sipprell ‘ Personal’

South London Singer Sipprell, has cultivated a strong fan base, blessing audiences with her ethereal vocals and beautiful dreamy acoustic instrumentals. My first encounters with Sipprell’s music were through her viral blinded by your grace cover and her song ‘ Trust issues’, ever since I have been in love with her music and her latest song ‘ Personal ‘took that love to new heights.

Sipprell has one of my favourite voices in RnB period, there’s something about her voice and the way her songs use instrumentation which sounds so perfect and ‘personal’ took this to a new level, the blend of the electric guitar and her voice way beyond incredible. Sipprell always manages to make such beautiful music and that really is a testament to how special an artist she is. Personal was her first release of the year and I look forward to hearing more music from her in the near future. She also has a music video dropping later today which we cannot wait to see.

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