‘ Song of The Day’ Uknwn ‘Chirp’

‘ Song of The Day’ Uknwn ‘Chirp’

Chirp is one the most infectious bangers I have heard in a while, I might have played this song over 50 times when one of my fellow team members sent it to me. The song is hard to categorize it has that melodic feel but I would not place it under ‘ Mumble Rap’ I would just put it under the alternative rap label or not label it at all. The only thing that matter is that it sounds good and with ‘Chirp’ Uknwn definitely accomplished that.

The eclectic production makes the song so unique, the way he flows on the beat makes the song special. Uknwn delivers a catchy hook and wavey verses, The rapper has been cultivating a fan base recently providing them with vibes and bangers, we know this is not his first or last banger so we expect many more anthems in the near future.

Written @sam_magss


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