Songs of The Day – Akemi Foxx ‘ Toys’ and ‘ Disposable ‘

Songs of The Day – Akemi Foxx ‘ Toys’ and ‘ Disposable ‘

Manchester has slowly started to become the hub for UK underground talent hailing artist such as [ K S R], Kinkaki, LayfullStop,projectkillisaiah and Iamddb and recently a new artist has emerged who you should all be keeping tabs on named Akemi Foxx. As I have stated many times, SoundCloud is a place full of gems and thankfully I stumbled across this artist. The 19-years-old from Manchester states her influences as Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu and these influences are evident in her music, the main one being Frank as you cannot particularly box her to one particular her sound, as she often inherits different sounds in her music depending on her mood and how she feels. The Amy and Erykah influences are also very present especially in the soul and tone of her voice, vocally Akemi is a special talent and her songwriting is incredible and this is apparent in both songs featured today.

Over the course of the last year, Akemi has cultivated a fan base on SoundCloud and the song that initially caught my attention was ‘Disposable’, the song is quite simple with not many backing instruments and the main feature is her voice but that was just perfect for this song, the minimalistic approach worked incredibly, from the harmonies to the songwriting to her voice in general everything on this song was executed without fault. The way her voice sounds on this song is ethereal and when added the instrumental everything just sounds beautiful and this element carried on into the next song ‘ Toys’.

Despite taking a slightly a different approach going with a more upbeat tempo, all the things we have come to associate with Akemi’s music so far such as ethereal vocals, soul and incredible songwriting still remain present. One thing I have taken from Akemi so far is how incredible of a songwriter she really is, she is able to effortlessly get her message across while seamlessly adding harmonies making it sound beautiful while equally effective, which is what music is all about, making things sound sonically pleasing while spreading you message/truth and Akemi has mastered this already at such an early point her career. ‘ Toys’ is my favourite song by her to date and I cannot wait to see what she does next as I am expecting huge things from her in the coming years.

It is also important to credit the mastermind behind the production Matteo Rawlinson, whose production helped bring these two songs to life, his use of instruments and sounds truly is amazing and I cannot wait to see what does next by himself with other artists as well as what he does Akemi. He is definitely a producer to keep tabs on in the near future.

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Written by @Mags_ls


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