Soul Sundaze 2

Soul Sundaze 2

Soul Sundaze is a new section we are introducing to Lonely Star purely focusing on UK RnB. I have felt for while Uk RnB has not been getting the love it deserves; the genre is the future of UK music, a lot of artists are making amazing soulful RnB as well as Alternative RnB and we hope to introduce to the amazing sounds coming from Uk RnB weekly. This week we have 12 songs. Enjoy ( full playlist at the bottom)

High-Ku — Flowers

Every time you search for new music, Soundcloud presents you with gems; ‘ Flowers’ by High-Ku is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year and once you hear it, I am you will all feel the same. High-Ku is a multi-talented artist, he excels in rapping, producing and singing and on ‘ Flowers’ he showcases his versatility creating a soulful RnB anthem, which would slot perfectly into any Slow Jamz playlist.

[KSR] – new love x zac schram

This might be the most beautiful song featured this week. UK RnB is in a special place right now and people like KSR make me believe it more and more every day, the song is beautiful and what Zac Schram does on the production is wonderful, the mixture of soul and electronic sounds put together a modern RnB masterpiece.

Hope Tala — peace freestyle

Hope Tala is a very special artist, the singer has a unique voice which sounds so pleasing under soft instrumentals, she gives me Jhene Aiko and Lilly Allen vibes where both can make catchy melodic music but tell so much with their lyrics in a poetic way. Her music is a blend of neo-soul and jazz and I have no doubt she is one for the future.

Yiigaa — Eternal

Picking just one song off her ‘ Mist’ EP was almost impossible, Yiigaa sound is so infectious you can’t help but be drawn to it, her style is unique and very much needed in this UK scene. Eternal was one of my favorite songs from the EP and I cannot wait to hear what she does next, she is destined for stardom. Also be sure to check the rest of her ‘ Mist ‘ EP.

Cheryll – Red Room feat C.O The Artist)

Another example showing how strong UK RnB is right now. On ‘ Red Room’ Cheryll provides sultry RnB anthem showcasing her vocal talent. The instrumental reminds of something in the early 2000’s and she delivered it to perfection creating a modern RnB anthem. Many sound the part but Cheryll has the aura of a real RnB singer and I’m sure she will do great things.


Rendezvous At Two — play with me

Rendezvous At two are without a doubt some of the best to do it right now. ‘ Play With Me’ delivers the late night drive vibes they do so well and is just an all-around perfect song. Thier modern RnB style is infectious and in 2018 we are certain they will provide more great music.

POPPY AJUDHA — Spilling Into You feat. Kojey Radical

‘Spilling into You’ has a new soulful jazzy vibe which we have come to expect from Poppy AJudha. She takes such a soulful sound and makes it sound modern, blending a wide range of instruments with soulful vocals creating music that would sound even better live. We also cannot neglect Kojey Radical, the rapper provides a nice cameo tying the track together perfectly.

Geovarn — Geovarn – Boss, Player (Prod By. Analogue)

Geovarn is a special artist, nobody in the UK is doing RnB quite like him and I’m not sure if they can, he perfectly blends trap influences with soulful RnB creating his own unique sound that separates him from the rest. ‘Boss Player’ further proves that in the UK Geovarn has his own lane and executes it to perfection.

Chiara Noriko — Chiara Noriko x Skye Chai – Anything

Chiara Noriko is an artist I’ve followed for a while now and every time she releases a song she gets better and better. ‘ Anything’ is a perfect blend of electronic sounds and modern RnB creating an infectious RnB banger showing the growth in her sound and how bright her future is. In 2018 her name will be everywhere.

Miraa May — Benji [Prod. By SaLaAM ReMi]

Miraa May’s Benji is Without a doubt one of the smoothest songs we have heard in a while and I cannot wait to hear what she does next.

Dams – Golden Flow

The name of the song says it all, although he mainly raps and this is a RnB section, the vocals on the song made it impossible to include Dams, the guys a double threat and soon to be a certified problem.

LEEHAKEN (haven’t got the time)

Without a doubt one of our favorite artist we feature on Lonely Star and her most recent song ‘Haven’t got time’ shows you exactly why we love her so much and why we feel she is gonna be a star one day.

Full Playlist

Written by @sam_magss 


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