Soul Sundaze 3

Soul Sundaze 3

Soul Sundaze is a new section we are introducing to Lonely Star purely focusing on UK RnB. I have felt for while UK RnB has not been getting the love it deserves; so here are 13 songs which prove why UK RnB is in such a special place ( full playlist at the bottom).

Cleo Sol – Still Cold

Putting song into words becomes harder each time I listen to it, everything about this song is perfection
the lyrics, the acoustic guitar and the harmonies all just take me somewhere special and if you have not already I highly recommend you listen to her ‘ Winter Songs’ EP it is flawless.

Bubblerap – 4gotten About Me

Stumbling across her SoundCloud was one of my best discoveries in a long time, every rendition she does is amazing she is able to capture songs we already love and just flip them creating them in her own image and each time to an incredibly high standard.

Elijah Fox — Not Over You- ft. Marie Dahlstrøm

A duet painting a love you just can’t get over. The Chemistry displayed on this song is just beautiful; the instrumental perfectly accentuates their vocals for one of the strongest RnB releases this year.

Ayeisha Raquel — Uncomfortable

I was going through old Weekly Star’s and heard this again and fell in love with the song for the second time. For a first release this is honestly incredible, from the way the song is structured to the vocal performance, I cannot wait to hear more music from her.

KΛDEEM TYRELL — Let Me Know // Prod. Baker Aaron

I heard this song a while ago on Soundcloud and instantly thought Monte Booker but what surprised me the most was how well his voice meshed with the futuristic instrumental, I really look forward to seeing if he carries on this style because with his talent his ceiling is endless. The UK is screaming for someone with this sound and he is the man to fill that demand.

Crave Moore — Magma

This might be my favourite song this week. The mood this track puts me in is always happy the warm instruments always create a nice vibe and his vocal talent speaks for itself. Recently the singer has garnered attention from Tyler the Creator and with songs like this it easy to see why.

Olivia-Louise – Superwoman

Another song I fell in love with again. The ethereal feel this track provides really gives me Jhene vibes, her harmonies are beautiful on this song and the slow instrumental perfectly accentuate her vocals. The topic of this song will really hit deep with a lot of people which is a testament to the emotion she portrays in her music.

Jam — Jam & Mina – Open Letter [prod. by Chaz ]

One of the best duets I have heard in a while, I love the smooth instrumental and the way it compliments both their voices. The Chemistry These two have is unparalleled, the way they were both able to mesh their voices together to create a beautiful song was beautiful and I cannot wait to hear more from them both in 2018.

Knowmadic x Delicia – Someone

RnB and lo-fi together is one of my favourite combinations to listen to right now, the mixture of sensual vocals over mellow instrumental really creates something special and I cannot wait to hear more music from her, this song was a part of her LOFIFRIDAYS series where she provides more ethereal vocals over these instrumentals.

Ava Sehra – you and I

I stumbled across this artist on twitter a while back and rediscovered this song again last week. The guitar on this song is perfect, the way her vocals just float on the acoustic instrumental is just incredible. The short 1:40 time of the song left me wanting more and I cannot wait for more music from her in the near future.

Ada — All We Do

This is the kind of RnB that takes me back to the mid-2000’s, from the smooth vocals, harmonies and the infectious hook. Ada does an amazing job on this track creating a bouncy RnB anthem which will be in the rotation for a long time.

Jay Dream – Night

The dark Afro swing instrumental perfectly accentuates her vocals creating an enjoyable listening experience from an artist who is turning heads all over the world gaining spins on New York Radio and soon to be all over the UK. The song is about a love that is beginning to fade and provides a perfect teaser for the EP she is currently working on.


Zilo — Keep Up Wimmi

I saved one of my favourite songs for last. Recently Zilo has become one of the artists in the UK I look forward to new music from the most and I think that is due to her ability to switch styles and genres effortlessly; she gave us sensual and ethereal on ‘ Know That I Want You’ and on Keep up Wimmi she did a complete 180 providing a funkier braggadocious track with a much different energy but still just as enjoyable. Proving why we hold her music so highly.


Written by Sam.


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