Soul Sundaze 4

Soul Sundaze 4

Soul Sundaze is a new section we are introducing to Lonely Star purely focusing on UK RnB. I have felt for while UK RnB has not been getting the love it deserves; so here are 16 songs which prove why UK RnB is in such a special place ( full playlist at the bottom).

Amber Olivier — Hey

Amber Olivia is an artist who is destined for greatness and this song is the reason I became a fan of her music, I was on Soundcloud and it came on shuffle and I instantly had to listen to the rest of the EP, the harmonies, the instrument and her vocal performance all made for a perfect song. Also be sure to listen to her Self Titled EP ‘ Amber Olivier EP’.

Chiara Noriko — Love

Chiara Norkiko in a way is SoundCloud veteran she has been making amazing music for years now and this might be her best song yet. The use of instrumentation is this song was beautiful, her vocals to match where ethereal, the song is just beautiful, from her voice to the lyrics, to the instrumental all just incredible. I really hope she releases a project this year.

SIPPRELL — Personal

Sipprell has one of my favourite voices in RnB period, there’s something about her voice under acoustic instruments which sounds so perfect and ‘personal’ gave me that exact feeling. Sipprell always somehow manages to make such beautiful music and that really is a testament to how special an artist she is. Personal was her first release of the year and I cannot wait to hear more music from her.


Mimi Amina — imprv / summertime

Another artist I found on Soundcloud and I fell in love with their music, this song sounds extremely relaxing, it makes you feel so calm. Her voice on this song is amazing and this is only one of her many amazing SoundCloud releases be sure to check the others.


Hana – Personal

Hana has been one of our favourite artists since we started LonelyStar and she keeps on proving us right. She is always able to use her voice perfectly on any kind of instrumental and this time on a more sultry instrumental she executes to perfection, 2018 is going to be huge for her and we cannot wait to hear more.

Zilo — Don’t Waste My Time

As I have said many times Zilo is special, she is literally the meaning of an artist, whether it be creating music or creating art she is incredible at both and this song showed both of these feats to it’s fullest, from the artwork to the song everything was just perfect and hopefully this year we can hear a project from her.

Lylo Gold – Starry Night

Lylo is without a doubt one of the best Artist in the UK and Starry Night confirmed this, her ability to blend 90’s and modern RnB is unparalleled and as we predicted earlier 2018 is going to be the year she gets all the shine she deserves.

SueLily — ORBIT

SueLily, has been an artist whose SoundCloud I have loved for a while and songs like this remind me why. This song gave me real Jill Scott vibes, the way her voice floats on the instrumental is perfect but the most impressive thing about this song is how she able to use such a traditional soul sounding instrumental and perfectly manages to modernise it while incorporating all the same elements which made that era of RnB special and that is a sign of a special artist.

LAOLU – How To Feel

This song just reminded me of early 2000’s RnB the expressive yet smooth instrumental, the infectious hooks and dreamy harmonies. They way Lalou crafted this song together was beautiful and it is amazing to see her music get the credit it finally deserves. I cannot wait to hear what she does next.

Yiigaa — Wounds Ft Louis Culture

‘Wounds’ is probably my favourite song by Yiigaa if not top 3, and that really is a testament to how consistent she is as an artist, everytime she stays true to her sound, reinventing herself and taking her sound to a next level. Yiigaa has an EP coming later this year so be sure to check for it.

Ama Lou — Tried Up

Tried Up is one of my favourite RnB songs this year, I love how it is infectious and catchy but at the same time is still hard-hitting, the use of the instrumental just leads to such an amazing song the use of the piano for the harmonies was genius. Her EP ‘DDD’ is also incredible so be sure to check that out.

Kadeem Tyrell – Focus

Kadeem keeps pushing a lane on UK RnB not many are doing right now and when I thought he could not get any better he proves me wrong with ‘ Focus’. Focus really might be one of my favourite songs right now, Romderful did an amazing Job on the production. Kadeem really is an artist to watch this year and keeps on getting better

Ruby Francis — Move

This one of the grooviest RnB songs I have heard in a LONG time, the instrumental for this song is incredible, the use of harp was beautiful, the way beat changes at different intervals is wonderful and her vocals on this song are just as amazing, she perfectly uses her voice which is perfectly accentuated by the instrumental. Ruby Francis also released her ‘ To Be Fair ‘ EP which we will have an article on later this week so be sure to check it out.

Olivia Nelson — Smother Me

Olivia Nelson is an incredible Artist on this track her vocal performance was out this world; she allowed her voice to portray the power of her feelings, those feelings of infatuation, love and warmth were all felt throughout the song and that is a sign of a special artist, someone who is able to evoke emotion from the listener and that is exactly what she does with ‘Smother Me’. Her next project is due to be amazing.


The instrumental on this song I think is 93 till infinity which is one of my favourite instrumentals of all time and Desta did it justice. She creates a beautiful RnB on such a classic instrumental, the way she uses her voice throughout was amazing. She really is pushing UK RnB with her music and I cannot wait to see what she does next.


Sienna. — No One to Blame

A Beautiful song to end the playlist, I stumbled across this chance and I added it to the playlist immediately, I really like the way she uses minimal production and allows her voice to be star of the song, it gives the song a raw feel and I really hope she releases more music in the near future.


Full Playlist

Written by @Mags_ls


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