Soul Sundaze

Soul Sundaze

Soul Sundaze is a new section we are introducing to Lonely Star purely focusing on UK RnB. I have felt for while Uk RnB has not been getting the love it deserves; the genre is the future of UK music, a lot of artists are making amazing soulful RnB as well as Alternative RnB and we hope to introduce to the amazing sounds coming from Uk RnB weekly. This week we have 12 songs. Enjoy

Cicero – Have Faith

If you follow us you would know how much we love this song, Cicero is a special talent and it shows on ‘ Have Faith’, her vocal talent is amazing and the concept of the song is flawless. She shows how talented she is a songwriter as well as a poet and it is a pleasure to make her our first feature in this section.

BaggE – Change It ft. Willum Maindo

This one gave me some real Erykah Badu Vibes, her vocal performance on this song was magical and I cannot wait to hear what she does next. Her sound is soulful and shows how amazing UK RnB can be.

JAZ KARIS — Sugar Don’t Be Sweet

It is very rare to come across singers with this kind of talent by chance but when we do it is a special feeling. I was on SoundCloud and this song came on and after one listens, I instantly listened to all her other songs, Jaz Karis is a rare talent her voice is angelic and her music is on a different level, I promise you in a few years she will be a household name.

Faye Meana — Now You See

Faye Meana is a special artist, the 19-year-old singer from London has been cultivating a fan base on SoundCloud, after releasing several amazing tracks as well as an amazing album/EP called ‘ Nothing’s The Same’.’Despite all these amazing feats what makes her so special is that she pretty much has music infused in her DNA.

Tima – m u s e (prod. drippy)

West London born Tima, now residing in Wycombe shines on the release of her first single ‘ Muse’. This song is definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve had the pleasure of writing about; everything about this song is sonically pleasing. The vocal performance was amazing, the harmonies were angelic and the message of the song was impactful. It is very rare singers capture such an amazing sound on their first attempt. She sounds as if she’s been making songs for years and on ‘ Muse ‘ she shines throughout, showing that the only direction for her music is upwards.

Lylo Gold – Over U

East London singer Lylo Gold with her second single this year titled ‘ Over U’. The London singer has been featured in many reputable magazines such as Fader and Afro Punk. Lylo Gold delivers a lovely 90’s Rnb vibe on this song, reminiscent of the type of vibe you imagine in any classic 90’s Rnb anthem but at no point on the song does mimic or just stick to a typical 90’s sound, she manages to make the sound her own, delivering heartfelt lyrics about unrequited love coupled with an infectious hook creating a beautiful song.

LEEHAKEN – Just To Seem

How many artists are creating their own sound by themselves on garage band? LeeHaken is. I have said this for a while now she is a special talent, she creates music so consistently and at such a high quality. The song may be short but it does all it needs to do within that short space of time. From her music, it is clear she has vocal and song writing abilities but what stands out to me is how unique her sound is, I feel she takes inspirations from wide range of different genres and eras; we cannot wait to hear how these different genres and influences shape her future music.

Hana – So Long

Hana is an artist we fell in love with instantly, everything she releases is so smooth her music is special she has such a unique voice which is able to match all types of instrumentals but when she is on a soulful instrumental like this one she is almost unmatchable, ‘ So Long’ is a perfect RnB song, the songwriting is amazing , the vocals are ethereal and the harmonies are perfect, we have been saying for a while she is going to take off soon and by now you should see why.

TESS KHΛRYN — “After Party”

After Party’ is one of our favourite on this list, the modern sultry RnB sound she creates has all the elements which make a perfect RnB song in 2017, her vocal performance on this song was amazing; her ethereal vocals blend into the instrumental perfectly and the harmonies on this song were blissful.

Deanne Yvette ~ selfish

Her vocal talent really shined through on this song. The production of the song was nice an simple and went well with her voice, creating a smooth RnB anthem. Here at LonelyStar, we are big fans of Deanne and if she keeps making great music like this her potential is endless.

Christina Messina — Feelings Interlude

Another artist we have covered since the beginning, what I like so much about her music is the emotion you feel from her music when you hear it you know it’s authentic, she is able to paint a picture with her lyrics and that’s what she did on ‘ Feelings Interlude, artists are scared to put emotion in their music and take risks but she is not and that why we know Christina will be so special, when you add talent reltability and creativity together you have a star in the making and that’s exactly where music will take her.

Ella Frank — Sugar

Ella Frank ‘ Sugar’ is beautiful, the harmonies on this song are amazing, her vocals sound ethereal. This song is the definiton of soulful, from the production to her voice and we cannot wait to hear more soulful sounds from her.

Written by @sam_magss


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