Tee Peters Sets His Mark With ‘ The Journey EP’

Tee Peters Sets His Mark With ‘ The Journey EP’

South East London Rapper Tee Peters, EP is a journey, to say the least, mixing elements of Hip-Hop and Jazz tying it with Spoken word poetry making for an extremely compelling project. The sound of EP is calming and honest, the sounds are so warm and welcoming but Tee does not compromise at any point, this EP sounds exactly how he intended channelling all the sounds he wanted for his first full project. Something very important to note on this is that Tee is extremely honest and is not afraid to display his true thoughts and vulnerabilities throughout the project, touching on topics such as love and self-reflection using a plethora of sounds to explain these feelings throughout the EP.

The whole EP was amazing but there are two songs imparticular I want to talk about as I feel they were standouts on the whole EP and Showed Tee’s talents in full display which are ‘ Another Day’ and ‘ Leave Her’

Another Day

I love the feel of this track, the smooth instrumental creates a sensual mood for the track and it perfectly fits the topic of the song. However the true star of this song is Tee himself, he used his voice to tell a story and that is always a sign of a special artist, doing it perfectly on this track while carrying this sentiment of love and confusion throughout the EP but this track was the one whereas I relistened to the EP tied it all together for me.

Leave Her

This is probably my favourite song Sonically on the EP, I like the piano and the bouncy style on the instrumental, the hook is infectious and the song overall has a catchy vibe and can be played in pretty much any setting, showng the diversity the EP has to offer and how Tee Peters, himself is able to make a wide range of sounds,  creating introspective tracks which can be played no matter the mood or setting putting him among the likes of Kojey Radical where he is able to tell a story and present a messgae while making it sonically pleasing and this song showed that to perfection.

Overall this is an extremely impressive and well put together EP from one of the UK’s rising stars and I highly recommend you give it a listen. The EP with be available on Spotify and Apple Music next week, you can find him by searching Tyrell Peters.

Written by @Mags_ls


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