Tess Kharyn Returns With SUPERNOVA

Tess Kharyn Returns With SUPERNOVA

Supernova is a perfect way to start the year for Tess, I was excited to see how she would explore her sound with her next release and supernova did not disappoint.

Supernova has a soothing relaxing sound, despite the lyrics being more explicit, the production has a dreamy background allowing Tess voice to be the main feature complimenting her perfectly creating a contrast between the sound and lyrics, which really adds a different element to the song. Even with the sultry nature of the song it can be played in any setting due to how infectious and mellow it is sonically, almost like something that would feature in a movie soundtrack and Tess captured this amazingly in the visuals, Supernova sounds like a journey and I feel like it can be enjoyed any way you intend the song to work for you .

However, my favourite part of the song is how Tess uses the instrumental, she has a way of always making the most of  an instrumental maximizing it like nobody else can, whether it be the beautiful hook; to the way she switches her flow during the verses; all the way to the incredible harmonies towards the end, she never fails to amaze due to the different ways she is able to use her voice and all of these elements of her artistry are captured perfectly on ‘ Supernova’ and are testament to how great the song is.

Tess is able to use the visuals to make the song even more enjoyable making Supernova more than just a song but an experience. I cannot wait to see what the new year holds for her.


Written by Mags @Mags_ls 

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