Theodorblack Shines on 6 Track EP ‘ Black Boy Blues’

Theodorblack Shines on 6 Track EP ‘ Black Boy Blues’

Theodorblack is a refreshing artist that is helping to paint the picture of this current generations hip-hop underground scene in the U.K. The South-East London artist delivers as usual on a 6 track with influences of jazz and neo-soul.

In the track black boy blues

Theodor effortlessly breezes on the beat. He touches on how his dad wasn’t around to teach him the basics with lines like ‘my dad never taught me how to tie my shoelace’, showing his transparency as an artist, he is able to give us a peek into this world not holding back with his lyrics  letting us understand him through his music. In this track we find that he started rapping at the age of 16, music really has been a part of his life from young and this EP shows how he has grown with this music and as an artist as a whole.

As the EP music progresses we delve deeper into his musicality, the smooth transitions between tracks show the maturity in the beat production, all show how he has developed a style and sound making him unique as an artist, but he does not just stick to one sound he explores as shown throughout the EP,  songs like Feeling real blue show this in its entirety .

‘Feeling real blue like a crip ’ is one of the more bouncier songs but still keeps to the relaxed theme of the project.

Theodor’s mellow voice ties the projects together perfectly capturing a melancholic vibe. For a great EP from a rising star.

Written by James Chu


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