Weyland McKenzie Continues To Amaze With Latest Single ‘ Navigation’

Weyland McKenzie Continues To Amaze With Latest Single ‘ Navigation’

After turning heads with his debut single TDM, Weyland Mckenzie continues to amaze with his latest release ‘ Navigation’. 2018 has been an incredible year for the London MC. With the success of ‘TDM’, hosting a festival with his crew ABOE, while also having one of best performances of the night and now continuing his triumphant 2018 with one of my favourite songs of the year ‘ Navigation’.

When he released ‘ TDM’ it was clear he spent hours in the studio perfecting and crafting a sound and with ‘ Navigation’ this became even more evident; the blend of mellow flows, introspective lyrics and intricate wordplay is refreshing and in many ways reminds me of a young Lupe Fiasco, the ability to keep listeners occupied with cool song concepts which are easy to listen to while also appealing to music heads who have a deep love for lyricism, flows and rapping as a whole. Weyland keeps being able to appeal to both sides without having to dumb himself down, he will show why he is one of the best MC’s in the UK right now while making music which you can play in any setting and that is a skill you cannot just find anywhere.

Navigation is a great song and I cannot wait to see what he does next, 2018 was great but I expect 2019 to be special for him.

Written by  @Mags_ls


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