Yiigaa and Louis Culture Team Up For ‘ Wounds’

Yiigaa and Louis Culture Team Up For ‘ Wounds’

I have been a fan of Yiigaa’s music for a while now and with every release, I get reminded why. Every song she makes she explores a different sound and that is one of many reasons why she is a special artist, her music is always different and unique, she makes a style of music only she can make and ‘ Wounds ‘ is no different.

‘ Wounds’ is Yiigaa’s first release this year and it picks up from her strong 2017. ‘Wounds’ has many of the elements I always enjoy in her music, the warm synths, melodies and harmonies but this time she managed to take it to a new level creating a song which¬†shares all those elements but doing it in a way we have never heard before.

The feature from Louis Culture added a nice element to the song. His verse perfectly captured the essence of the song, delivering a poetic verse before the chorus perfectly rounds up the songs.

Yiigaa also has a new EP coming soon called Blue Rivers in My Wrist which we cannot wait to hear but in the meantime be sure to listen to her past two EP’s ‘ Mist’ and ‘ Breathe ‘


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