Yiigaa Releases Heartwarming Visuals For Enigma

Yiigaa Releases Heartwarming Visuals For Enigma

Since it’s release late last year, ‘ Enigma ‘  has been in steady rotation. Yiigaa’s sound is different to what anybody is doing in the UK right now, her ability to match different sounds with a tradition RnB feel is unparalleled and everytime she releases new music we already know it’s going to amazing and the same can be said about her visuals.

The ‘ Enigma ‘ visuals perfectly bring the song to life, the warm synths and melodies intertwine perfectly with the heartwarming feel of the video creating a video just as beautiful as the message of the song. it is very rare an artists is able to capture the essence of the song with a video and the fact Yiigaa was able to do this to perfection while also directing the video is incredible. ‘

Enigma ‘ is without a doubt one of the best visuals of the year, by an artists who is destined to reach the very top.

2017 already proved to be an amazing year for Yiigaa and we predict to 2018 to be even greater. If you want to hear more music from her be sure to check out her ‘Mist‘ EP which is available on all major platforms.


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