Yiigaa Takes Her Sound To A New Level With ‘ Blue Rivers In My Wrist’ EP

Yiigaa Takes Her Sound To A New Level With ‘ Blue Rivers In My Wrist’ EP

Since the first time I heard Yiigaa’s music I have been a huge fan, the way she was able to blend old RnB sounds but make them modern at the same time was always special to me but what really separated her was how unique her voice is, to just call it ethereal at this point is a understatement, it just meshes so well with the instrumentals she uses and with this latest EP all the things I love about her music she took them to a completely new level.

Yiigaa describes ‘ Blue Rivers In My Wrist’ by relating the blue to the blood in our veins and the life that is within us, connecting us as all as people, essentially making who we are. The tape is about life and power of choice, we all have life and we choose how to live it, it is about learning to trust, love and understand yourself while trusting the river to take you where you need to be. One thing I have always admired is how reflective Yiigaa is with her music, linking emotions to nature making them that much more relatable and throughout the EP she explores herself and many of things which made her the person she is today.

The theme is consistent throughout the EP and it began with ‘ Rose’ featuring LSOW, the production on this song is beautiful which is present on every song on the EP, all the sounds perfectly fit the theme of EP giving it an ethereal vibe which I always come to expect from Yiggaa’s music. However, one thing I have never spoken about is how incredible Yiigaa is as a songwriter, this is where I feel like she has grown the most entering this EP and this was present as early as the first song, where she talks about self-love and finding yourself, where you may care about someone but not enough to take on all their problems, putting yourself and growth first again trusting herself and letting the river lead her to where she needs to be.

On ‘ Bamboo’ the dream team of Parallel, Finn Foxel and Yiigaa reunite for one of the best songs I have heard all year, the jumpy house inspired instrumental fits both her and Finn’s voices to perfection, the chemistry on the track is beautiful and again reflection is a key theme.’ Bamboo’ is about the fears of seeing yourself in the negatives you see in somebody else, while also realising you have attracted these people and now have to realign yourself, finding peace trusting yourself you will meet the right people.


The last song on the EP is about letting go and feeling free. ‘ Maroon Sky’ is my favourite song on the EP and the best song I have covered all year. The production by Lost Twin is insane, the production is dreamy and warm and Yiigaa performance on this song is just incredible, I feel like every artist song has a song where you just know they are destined for greatness and I feel this is her song, from the vocal performance, production to the songwriting the song is just perfect and rounds up an incredible EP.

‘ Blue Rivers In My Wrist’ really is an incredible body of work from an artist who still has so much more to offer, so urge all of you to go listen as even though it sounds beautiful there are a lot of messages to take and learn from the EP.

Written by @Mags_ls


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