Zilo Blesses Us Once Again With Soulful ‘ Don’t Waste My Time’

Zilo Blesses Us Once Again With Soulful ‘ Don’t Waste My Time’

London Songstress Zilo has been one of my favourite singers for a while, ever since I heard ‘ Know That I Want You’ I fell in love with her sound and since then she has gifted us with wonderful release after wonderful release and ‘ Don’t Waste My Time’ follows in the same pursuit.

The most impressive feat about Zilo’s music is that you cannot restrict her to one sound, all of her 3 songs have sounded entirely different which is a testament to her diversity as an artist, she is able to create impactful songs without being boxed to any one particular style of RnB, allowing her music to touch you no matter what mood you are in; she has some songs which are more uptempo and songs like this one where she lets the beautiful instrumental and her vocals take over creating a soulful song with a bold message.

Don’t Waste My Time is an incredible song, the instrumental perfectly accentuates Zilo’s ethereal vocals creating a beautiful song with an important message, Zilo is a future star and she does not have time to waste.

( Also she paints the artwork for her songs so check her paintings out too)

Written by @Mags_ls 


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