Zilo Impresses on Her Debut Studio Release ‘The Nature Of The Beast’

Zilo Impresses on Her Debut Studio Release ‘The Nature Of The Beast’

Zilo – The Nature Of The Beast

The UK songstress has blessed our ears this past week with her first full-length project titled The Nature Of The Beast.

Following the first two lead singles taken off the project (Keep Up Wimmi & Don’t Waste My Time) Zilo already intrigued us with her diversity both sonically and melodically. Of which, this album follows through further with this theme.

The album which lasts just under 40 minutes is a musical journey packed full of brilliantly written relatable topics fused with punchy ear oozing production. Production of the project is varied but seamlessly flows from one track to the next, which leaves for a smooth listen from track 1-10 or on shuffle.

Top 5 Stand Out Tracks:


A brilliant introduction to the album in my opinion.Smooth, yet playful production which offers a wonderful backdrop for Zilo to share her story over.

Don’t Waste My Time:

Hip-hop/Neo-Soul influenced production on this with not only a hook that you cannot get out your mind but an overall groove that will definitely have you wasting no time.

Hit Me Up:

Quite possibly my standout cut on the project. A romantically intriguing joint where Zilo touches on the blurred lines between that friends/lovers situation. Yet again, the production on this is A1 and Zilo finds the pocket effortlessly throughout. A true r&b banger that truly is hard not to rewind continuously.

Pretty Certain:

This is one them tunes that just slap from the jump. Boombap esque drums provide the vibe for this track and immediately have you nodding your head. Zilo flows and harmonises stupendously yet again here.


A song with that real neo-soul type feel to it. In regards to production, the beat is just wavey from start to finish and Zilo’s lyrically ability again comes through very strong with harmonies and vocals that will remain stuck in your head for all the right reasons.

Final Thoughts:

On the whole, this is easily one of the best albums of 2018. In a climate where the quality of female r&b is so strong, this body of work can go alongside the very best. Unique sounding yet very relatable you would be a fool to sleep on this project and Zilo as an artist period.

So, until next time peeps stay woke to this dopeness!

Written by @TariqAmazin


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