Lil Uzi Vert XO Tour Life3 Love Drugs and Heartbreak

Lil Uzi Vert XO Tour Life3 Love Drugs and Heartbreak

Lil Uzi Vert’s rise has been nothing short of sensational, through his animated themes,  Rockstar image and experimental sounds Uzi has created a sound and persona where no one is or has been like him and in this TM88 produced alternative rock hip hop infused banger, Uzi pours all his emotions whilst exploring themes you wouldn’t normally associate with a so called ‘ Mumble rapper ‘. Uzi explores themes of  Suicide, Love, heartbreak and drugs not only through the lyrics, you also hear it through his zany vocals over the eclectic but also melodic TM88 production where all his emotions mainly fuelled by anger and confusion are fused together and poured into this alternative rock hip hop ballad of a ending relationship full of drugs and toxic energy.

Uzi shows these ideas all over the song is especially in the hook where it seems like the girl he is referring to long term lover Brittany is daring him to push her to the edge where Uzi sings from her perspective saying ‘ baby I’m not afraid die all my friends are dead ‘ this is a dark reflection of what Brittany’s  life and the traumatic experiences she has been through along with this Uzi sings about the idea of the afterlife and how the idea of death doesn’t scare Britany; most of  her friends are already and almost as if she is alluding that she might welcome the idea of the after life and death even if that may be  through suicide.

Uzi carries on this dark theme based on toxicity of their breaking relationship, singing that she calls him insane and that he wants to blow out his brains and how he uses drugs to ease the pain he feels and this a concept that seems very foreign to ‘mumble rap’ but it is not unheard of his contemporary Future often talks about substance abuse and the effects of it on his life. However, these aspects of their music are often overlooked due to their catchy lyrics and eccentric production, behind all that Uzi is really touching a sensitive topic and is releasing his emotions and how he uses substances to ease the pain of toxic relationship or the ending relationship with Brittany. Uzi is portraying emotions which wouldn’t be ridiculed in any other genre with type of production he feels comfortable with, I for one who is not the biggest Uzi fan is accepting and very excited by this concept. It is not essential that everyone has who a message must do it in the conventional way hip hop or any genre tells them to do it. music is a form of expression and art which can be expressed however the artist intends.

Uzi is also touching on a topic which we are all familiar with; distance between you and someone you once thought you were inseparable with  or someone who once betrayed your trust that you loved dearly. In XO Tour Lif3 Uzi sings that he is barely her man now and that she never should have lied, these are all emotions and scenarios we have experienced and Uzi is giving us this emotion through XO Tour Lif3 even though we might not have all experienced Love Drugs and Heartbreak I’m sure we can feel it through Uzi in this song and this has now made curious as someone who wasn’t the biggest Uzi fan is now excited for what ’ Luv is Rage 2’ will entail.


4 stars out of 5





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