Sylvan LaCue – Apologies In Advance (Album Review)

Sylvan LaCue – Apologies In Advance (Album Review)

Sylvan LaCue – Apologies In Advance (Album Review)

Hip hop is often accused of placing the trash/microwaveable artist to the forefront, instead of pushing forward those with a genuine voice and something to say.That being said I bring to you Sylvan LaCue. The rapper hailing out of Miami, Florida who has been on the grind for nearly a decade, previously going by the artist name ‘QuESt’.

Sylvan, like many artists has seen the highs & lows of the music game and was once signed by Jermaine Dupri (2
009) at the early start of his musical journey. On his latest full length project Apologies In Advance, LaCue marries the trials & tribulations of a modern day musician with ups & downs of life in 2018.

The tracks are sandwiched between a series of skits which resemble a group mental health session whereby individuals are speaking on various aspects of life. Ranging from topics such as love, ambitions, personal growth to the beauty of selfishness to name a few. These skits which are titled as “Steps” throughout the listen link into individual tracks which leads to a fantastic listen from front to back further cementing the overall theme and concept of the project.

Yet, it is not just the lay out of the tracks and skits which stand out on this album in my opinion. Sylvan LaCue takes the listener on an journey intrinsically where you can not only relate to the content musically but also draw parallels to your personal life which again adds depth as well as a deeper meaning to the album.

In terms of production wise, it is rather diverse. With high energy moments, containing trap drums and thematic 808s to more laid back jazzmatic vibes during the playback.

LaCue has also dropped some real cinematic visuals for the leading singles on this album. As seen in the below for tracks ‘Best Me’, ‘Selfish’ & ‘Grateful’.

Best Me –

Selfish –

Grateful –

On the whole, this is definitely an album which has to be played from front to back to be fully revered and understood. Personally, despite the album dropping so early in 2018, I will definitely be bumping this album all year. It wouldn’t be a stretch to also already add this to the list of top hip-hop projects to drop this year.

Top 3 tracks:



Guilt Trip

Written by @TariqAmazin


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