Weekly Star 10

Weekly Star 10

This Week is a bit different to celebrate our 10th Weekly Star and 100th post on Lonely Star, we have put together 20 of our favourite songs ever featured on a Weekly Star, you will see many familiar faces and songs. We also want to thank everyone for supporting and all the artists that have been featured, here are our favourite songs we have ever featured.

Hana – So Long

Hana is an artist we fell in love with instantly, everything she releases is so smooth her music is special she has such a unique voice which is able to match all types of instrumentals but when she is on a soulful instrumental like this one she is almost unmatchable, ‘ So Long’ is a perfect RnB song, the songwriting is amazing , the vocals are ethereal and the harmonies are perfect, we have been saying for a while she is going to take off soon and by now you should see why.

Cicero – Have Faith

Every artist on this list is special but what Cicero did on this song was on a different level, the idea meshing spoken word with harmonies in the background, then showcasing her flawless vocals after was beyond great, it introduced me to the special artist she is and now I can’t wait to see what she does next because she is destined for big things.

Deoba – Henny and Chill

The man with unlimited soundtracks for the late nights, Deoba is in his own lane and he proved that with his ‘ Chillogy ‘ EP earlier this year, he creates a vibe which is so hard to create with his music and his artistry is on an elite level, he has been making anthems for a while now and we know he will have many more to come soon.

Camzino – Bad Habits

Picking only one Camzino song was the hardest choice we had to make this week, like I’ve said many time before in terms versatility and talent you can’t name many close to his level, raping or singing its easy for him, even genres he makes any sound he wants and does it at a high level and what sets him apart even more is his work rate, there was a point where he was dropping banger almost daily and that’s exacty why we know he is due to blow in 2018.

Christina Messina – Feelings Interlude

Another artist we have covered since the beginning, what I like so much about her music is the emotion you feel from her music when you hear it you know it’s authentic, she is able to paint a picture with her lyrics and that’s what she did on ‘ Feelings Interlude, artists are scared to put emotion in their music and take risks but she is not and that why we know Christina will be so special, when you add talent reltability and creativity together you have a star in the making and that’s exactly where music will take her.

Jaz Karis – Sugar Don’t be sweet

It is very rare to come across singers with this kind of talent by chance but when we do it is a special feeling. I was on SoundCloud and this song came on and after one listens, I instantly listened to all her other songs, Jaz Karis is a rare talent her voice is angelic and her music is on a different level, I promise you in a few years she will be a household name.

ADAS- Like That

It’s amazing to see people you know make bangers but when ‘ Like That’ dropped I don’t think I was ready for the heat, from the bars. to the beat, to the flows everything was crazy. ‘Like that was a certified anthem everybody in the collective is wavey, they all have different styles so if you’re looking for a rap collective due to do big things add ADAS to your music library and expect many more anthems soon.

MicofCourse – Hungry

MicofCourse is the definition of an MC bar for bar he is on a different planet but now as an artist, he is on another level too ‘ Hungry ‘ showed any sound this guy can do it and along with his team BURNOUTLDN he is going straight to the top.

Simply T x Izzy Vibez – Slow Riddim

This song is one of most slept on songs all year, when I first heard this I instantly thought it deserved to blow up, both these artist are supremely talented, Izzy Vibez is a close friend of mine and I’ve seen what he can do first hand, any beat he will murder, music is in his blood whether it be playing drums and piano or killing instrumentals , musically he is on a different level and when he drops more music whenever he is ready just know to remember the name ‘ Izzy Vibez’

Saturn Alexander – Plus, Minus

Along with Rasphody, Noname and a few others Saturn Alexander gives me so much faith in female rap and lets me know they will get the credit they deserve because you honestly can’t name many new rappers who go harder than she does, this song proved any type of instrumental it does not matter she will shine, on the first half of the track Saturn flowed smoothly and sounded ethereal on the soulful production and on the second half she tore that instrumental to shreds, providing elite lyricism and flows proving why shes one of my faourite artists right now its only a matter of time before she becomes one of yours too.

Lylo Gold – Over U

If you even think UK Rnb is non existent check out Lylo Gold instantly, her voice instantly takes me back to the golden era on 90’s RnB but what I love her music so much is that she makes the sound fit her she does not mimic 90’s Rnb she used it to create her own sound. Vocally she is on a different and when the UK scene finally gets the recognition it deserves she will be at the forefront.

Taliwhoah – Meds

Another artist who will be the reason the UK scene gets the recognition it deserves, Taliwhoah is honestly on a different level her sound can’t even be limited to genres it beyond that, she is essentially her own genre and she is making music at an elite level right now. Her EP ‘ NWO Vol.1 ‘ was amazing and now its just a matter of time before she is selling out tours.

Stacks C – Tanita

Another artist who I have pleasure of knowing, Stacks has been consistent for a while now and I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves,’ Tanita’ proves exactly why I feel this way, when you fathom the metaphorical meaning behind the song you will understand why I rate him so highly and why I think people are not listening to properly, not many rappers are doing what he did on Tanita and soon peole will wake up and see why him and the rest of the Klank team are going to blow soon.

LEEHAKEN — That’s Okay Right?

Pretty much every week now I say how much of a special talent LeeHaken is, she pretty much created her own sound on GarageBand and releases amazing music at a high rate, if you have not listened to her music yet you are missing out because it is only a matter of time before she blows up and makes your favourite song.

Joy Crookes — Power

The singer from South London blesses us with amazing songwritting and vocals constantly in her music, you can feel the pain and emotion through her voice and an artist who can do that is special, she has been featured on countless major magazines and we know she’s destined for stardom in the future and we cannot wait to hear new music from her.

Hope Tala x TTP – My Way

Both the ‘ Peace Freestyle ‘ and My Way were shown to me by my friend and both songs furthered my belief that in the UK there is currently a wide range of talented artist’s making music void of restrictions and single genres. Hope Tala is very much among that company, the singer has a unique voice which sounds so pleasing under soft instrumentals, she gives me Jhene Aiko and Lilly Allen vibes where both can make catchy melodic music but tell so much with their lyrics in a poetic way. Her music is a blend of neo-soul and jazz and I have no doubt she is one for the future.

Nics Finesse + Paranoid

It is always refreshing to hear an artist who takes so much time in his craft and on’ Paranoid + Finesse ‘, Nics gives us the best of both worlds. In the beginning, he gives a slow thoughtful track and then does a 180 on the next half of the track giving us a wide range of flows on a more up-tempo instrumental. It takes a special artist to be able to do both and that is exactly what Nics is. He has also been tearing up radio sets so he has shown he can shine in any setting, the skill and passion he displays show why he is going to take off any time from now.

Kaash Keiko – Wavyier

One of the waviest songs to drop this year, ‘ Wayvier’ is a certified banger. Kaash Keiko has been making anthems all year and ‘ Wayvier’ is where it all began, he has since gone to make ‘ Starry’ and ‘ Go Yard’ all these songs have the elements that make us love his music he has a formula that can’t miss, he has flows for days and quotables on quotables meshed with elite production, this is just the start for him so we expect many more bangers from him in the near future.

These next two songs are perfect to end this playlist.

Deanne – Trust

This was the song that introduced me to Deanne before Lonely Star was even launched. ‘ Trust’ was was one of the first 3 songs I ever wrote about and is still one of my favourite songs to ever be featured on the ‘ Weekly Star’ playlists. Her vocals sound ethereal on this track and the harmonies are perfect, she recently released a new song called ‘ Selfish’ furthering my belief she is going takeoff one day.

JGrrey – Don´t Fade

I previously had not heard any of her songs but when I heard this one I was mesmerized. The song gave me a blend of Nujabes and Lilly Allen/Amy Winehouse vibes. The song is beautiful, you cannot help but be captivated by her ethereal vocals. I feel this just the start of an amazing career for because it is clear her talent it out this world.


Written by @sam_magss


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