Weekly Star 11

Weekly Star 11

A section where we bring you our favorite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs.


London Hip-Hop collective VXMOB are next up. The group holds 5 members, Vx Duse – Vx Raff – Rafromdaco – Vx Ells – Vx Blackie, all wizards with mic; the group bring wavey beats and flows on flows and we predict many more bangers from them in 2018.

UKNWN – Chirp (Prod. OBR)

The eclectic production makes the song so unique, the way he flows on the beat makes the song special. Uknwn delivers a catchy hook and wavey verses. The rapper has been cultivating a fan base recently providing them with vibes and bangers, we know this is not his first or last banger so we expect many more anthems in the near future.


Uk music is in a special place right now, artist are taking their creativity to a whole new level and ‘ Southside’ is a perfect example of this. From the production, witty lyrics and the small sound effects, the song was perfectly crafted and I cannot wait to see where this creativity takes these artists next.

Saturn, Alexander — *Low End Theory F. Cicero + Ub3rGrl (Prod. By SNCTM)

From the moment I heard the snippet on twitter I knew this song would be special, it was the first time artist I had written about collaborated together and to make it even sweeter the song is amazing. If you follow us you know the high regard I hold these artists to and they deliver every time, creating one of the best anthems to come out this year.

CAMZINO – Nightclub Lovin’

It’s hard to understand how he makes all these bangers at such a consistent rate but we’ve come to accept he’s just on a different planet. His latest banger ‘Nightclub Lovin’ is special and shows signs of how big his 2018 is going to be. This is the first single from his forthcoming debut EP ‘Written for Her vol.1 dropping in January. Both the single and EP will be available on all major platforms so be sure to spin the single until the EP comes out.

Yiigaa — Eternal

Picking just one song off her ‘ Mist’ EP was almost impossible, Yiigaa sound is so infectious you can’t help but be drawn to it, her style is unique and very much needed in this UK scene. Eternal was one of my favorite songs from the EP and I cannot wait to hear what she does next, she is destined for stardom.

Gray – October Interlude

Gray is one of brightest rising stars in the UK right now, his sound is special but what separates him is his versatility nothing he makes the sound the same. His pen game is also special and by 2018 we are sure his name will be everywhere.

High-Ku — Flowers

Every time you search for new music, Soundcloud presents you with gems; ‘ Flowers’ by High-Ku is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year and once you hear it, I am you will all feel the same. High-Ku is a multi-talented artist, he excels in rapping, producing and singing and on ‘ Flowers’ he showcases his versatility creating a soulful RnB anthem, which would slot perfectly into any Slow Jamz playlist.

BlazeYunglord — LET IT GO (Ft Loud Lamz)

House of Pharaohs are one of the finest talents in the UK has right now and it shines through in their solo efforts. BlazeYungLord comes through with a banger and enough flows to last you for a year.

Motive105 — No Mistakes

If you want hip-hop in it’s purest form Motive105 is your man, he might be one of the best rappers in the UK right now. Whenever he raps you feel it, his lyricism and storytelling talents put him on a different level to his contemporaries, he makes real music and touches people along the way. In 2018 the world will be his oyster.

BiigPiig — Vice City

When I first heard this on Colours I fell in love with it instantly, the beat and her voice sync perfectly. The song is slow and melodic and I’ve lost count the number of times I have played it this year.

Faye Meana — Now You See

Faye Meana is a special talent, her voice is ethereal and it was hard to pick one of her songs but this one might be my favourite. Now You See’ has such a nice vibe, it has 90’s RnB feel but it is also modern at the same time, the song is written perfectly, creating a smooth RnB song that can be played anytime. We cannot wait to hear what she does next as we expect more vibes from her in 2018.

TESS KHARYN — “After Party”

Tess Kharyn’s After Party’ is a perfect example of how a RnB track should sound, the modern sultry RnB song has all the elements which make a perfect RnB song in 2017, her vocal performance on this song was amazing; her ethereal vocals blend into the instrumental perfectly and the harmonies on this song were blissful.

Cheryll – Red Room feat C.O The Artist)

Another example showing how strong UK RnB is right now. On ‘ Red Room’ Cheryll provides sultry RnB anthem showcasing her vocal talent. The instrumental reminds of something in the early 2000’s and she delivered it to perfection creating a modern RnB anthem.

BaggE — Change It ft. Willum Maindo (Prod. Willum Maindo)

This one gave me some real Erykah Badu Vibes, her vocal performance on this song was magical, her sound is soulful and shows how amazing UK RnB can be. Bagge is a special talent and she also let us know she has some new music coming soon so be ready for her to take over in 2018.

Miraa May Benji [Prod. By SaLaAM ReMi]

As I’ve said many times UK RnB is in a special place right now and Miraa May’s Benji is proof of that. Without a doubt one of the smoothest songs we have heard in a while.

Teks Sinatra – Men R Trash

Teks was one of the first artists we ever featured when we featured ‘Them Ones’ on the first ever Weekly Star so it’s only right we end it with ‘ Men R Trash’. Teks Sinatra idea of showing both perspectives on this track was genius, allowing both sides relate to the song, the song itself sounds amazing and we all already know he is due to blow any time now.


Written by @sam_magss 


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