Weekly Star 12

Weekly Star 12

A section where we bring you our favorite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs. We have a bunch of RnB and Hip Hop for you this week.

VXMOB – S on My Chest

The UK scene is flourishing right now and its because of people like these guys bringing a whole new wave to the game. VXMOB are next up, their style is beyond cold, they are bringing new flows and eclectic instrumentals to the forefront and it is only a matter of time before they blow.

Jesse Francis — On My Mind

I only got put on to him today and I instantly became a fan of his sound. Jesse Francis is a special talent, his sound is a wide range of different styles which contrast what everyone is doing now. He has his own style and we expect many bangers from him in 2018. Also be sure to check his latest project Life & Mind.


Knucks – Vows

Arguably the coldest rapper in the UK right now. Knucks has the luxury of also being a producer so he can capture his sound too perfection and so far it has lead to banger after banger and Vows follows the same pattern. Knucks is a real problem and it seems like he cant be stopped right now.

Argz Aliko – A.W.E

A real life rap rock-star, Argz has been making bangers for a while now but this one just sticks out to me the most. This is honestly one of the most insane tracks I have ever heard. Everything about it is just perfect, the eclectic sounds, rock star vibe and the vocals all come together to make a overall perfect track

Cpt. Morgs – Kombat

This song gives me an old school Sega feel, the flows on this one are ridiculous and I cannot wait to hear what he does next.


Olivia-Louise – Superwoman

I love the ethereal feel this track provides, her harmonies are beautiful on this songs and the slow instrumental really help her vocals shine through. The topic on this song will really hit deep to a lot of people and I personally took a lot of way from this song and became a fan.

Tima – Helpless.

Another song that gives me a dainty feeling, this song is honestly beautiful and with every release Tima is getting better and we are certain 2018 will be a huge year for her.

Ayeisha Raquel – Uncomfortable (prod. by Aso)

Another incredible RnB song, the harmonies on this song are out this world and her voice is is beautiful. This is only the beginning for her and I cannot wait to hear more music from her in the near future.

Masego – Send Yo’ Rita!

I’m sure you all already know Masego and for some reason I just wanted to include him this week. Masego is a future superstar who has been making major moves in the last year and his sound truly is unique, it is a blend of jazz and futuristic sounds which have taken him worldwide and I cannot wait to hear more from him in 2018.


This song may just be a demo but it is already a banger, the beat is crazy and the verses are wavey and we cannot wait to see if they take the track any further.

cityboymoe — backseat (prod. batista)

The different sounds coming out the UK right now are amazing, this track is perfect for them late night feels, Cityboymoe does something special on this one delivering an alternative RnB banger.


solace — time

Sometimes out of nowhere Sound Cloud presents you with gems and this is one of them. The song is from an RnB artist from Huston. Solace style would be described as futuristic RnB, sometimes her songs have an electronic feel and its that creativity which made me fall in love with her music. I predict great things for her in 2018.

Riian Raquel – silk

Rilan Raquel is an amazing singer/song-writer from Texas, we have featured her a couple times now  and honestly we have fallen in love with her sound, she has a magical voice and we cannot wait for more music to come from her in 2018.

YOUNG BULL – Chocolate

There is only one word to describe these guys and that is soulful, recently they have been making some beautiful music and they continued that with Chocolate. These guys are special and I expect them to go the top.

zac schram. – r/eference feat. keem & [ K S R ]

This what happens when an amazing producer partners with equally talented singers, creating a perfect modern RnB song. You already know how highly we think of Zac and KSR so this was a pleasure to listen to.

MAC AYRES — just what you say (w/ raelee nikole)

Mac Ayres has been on an incredible run recently releasing some amazing music, his voice is out this world and he has a skill for always creating soulful records, you leave every song being in awe and that shows the special talent her truly is. Aslo raelee nikole provides a wonderful cameo on the track showcasing her ethereal vocals.



Written by @sam_magss


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