Weekly Star 13

Weekly Star 13

A section where we bring you our favorite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs. We have a bunch of RnB and Hip Hop for you this week. This Week is strictly UK Music only.


AMA JONES – Don’t Fly

This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a while, the way the instrumental and her voice mesh together is just perfect. Ama was blessed with an angelic voice but her songwritting ability is just as special and 2018 is going to be a magical year for her.


June Lizon – Spacetime

The only way to describe this song is free-flowing, you can tell he put on the beat and just wrote from the heart and it showed.On Spacetime June Lizon delivers one of the best introspective songs I’ve heard in a while, the spacey instrumental and the heartfelt lyrics all come together for a special song.

Tima – Cloud nine

This honestly might be my favourite song right now, it has been playing non-stop since yesterday. The mix of a lo-fi instrumental and her voice always go together perfectly, the instruments really accentuate her voice creating beautiful songs every time.

Ddeanne Yvette -Simple Things (feat. Camzino)

 The strong chemistry they both have together shows on this one, they perfectly compliment each other on a song that has been in constant rotation since it came out. The smooth production fitted the song to perfection, giving the track a nice mellow vibe.

Both artists delivered something special on this song and we hope for more collaboration in the near future. Also be sure to check out the rest of their individual music.

Nonamedisciple — Code Of Practice x 3 minute freestyle x (Demo)

3 minutes of truth and bars, nonamedisciple proves she one the coldest doing right now. 2018 is going to be a huge year for her, in the meantime be sure to check her therapy sessions 77.



When it comes to rappers who have been pushing this new wave of rap in the UK Lord Apex is one of the fathers; wavey flows, introspective lyrics and eclectic instrumentals this man is the king of that and on INSIGHT ONSIGHT he shows that in full force.

Bubblerap – More than a woman

This rendition of Aaliyah’s more than a woman is beautiful, the latin feel added a different element to a classic that  I’d never have expected to hear and honestly it surprised me, the melodies and instrumentation on this rendition are ethereal and the song as a whole is just perfect, from an artist who again is pioneer in this underground wave.

Zilo – Know That I want you

This exactly what a modern RnB song should sound like, keeping the elements which make RnB so great but putting your own spin on it to make it modern and Zilo does this to perfection. Her vocal performance on this song was incredible, the harmonies were ethereal and the instrumental really accentuated her voice to bring maybe my favourite song on this weeks section.


Mina Rose – 1up

I’ve been a Mina Rose fan for a while and sometimes I like to remind myself of the song which started it all, I heard this before LonelyStar was even a thing and sometime later this was one of the first songs I ever wrote about and revisiting it brought back all those memories, this song is without a doubt one of my favourite songs to ever come out the UK and I’m sure I will be playing it for many more years to come.

Taller than Life – Banksy

Real UK Alternative Hip-Hop no hooks just an eclectic instrumental, wavey flows, and introspective lyrics. This song was lyrical masterpiece from a rapper who is soon going to takeover



Col3trane – Mario Kart

This song is one of my favourite songs by him, the catchy synths and infectious hook make the song thoroughly enjoyable, Col3trane has mastered this sound and I cannot wait to hear what he has this coming this year.

SKT – No life

SKT is one of the coldest doing it in right now whether it be production rapping or singing this guy is special and on ‘ No Life ‘ he shows why we rate him so highly, the catchy afro swing inspired song is banger that can be played in any setting and we just know he has more heat coming in 2018.

VXMOB – Gameboy

SKT and Heartboii delivered the perfect beat for this kind of song, the beat has a video game feel, reminiscent to an old sega soundtrack perfectly complimenting the flows the VXMOB crew bring, the hook on this track is insane and it is getting to point where every time I see VXMOB I already know its a banger and if you aren’t on their wave now you better jump on.


UKNWN — CAKE feat. 5EB (Prod. OBR)

Ukwn has been featured so many time I’ve lost count, what more can I say he makes a banger pretty much every other week. 2018 is going to be a huge year for him so just follow him on SoundCloud and you’ll see exactly what we are talking about.


TYC//SSB – Uber Bounce

The beat on this one is crazy, UK music is in a special place right now with artists creating their own sound producing wavey music and Uber Bounce is a testament to that the bouncy production and wavey flows create one of the coldest tracks I have heard in a while.



The beat on this is insane, Vinch has been making bangers for a while now but this one was on a whole new level, the diversity this track displayed needs to be spoken about, not many UK artist dare to be that experimental and there’s a reason an artist like Vinch is so highly rated becaue he can take sounds like these and execute to perfection

Witten by @sam_magss


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