Weekly Star 14

Weekly Star 14

A section where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs. We have a bunch of RnB and Hip Hop for you this week. This Week is strictly UK Music only. Full playlist down below.


I never thought I would ever enjoy the Yodel kids voice ever in my life but on this instrumental somehow Intalekt manages to make the voice sound soothing blending it with smooth mellow sounds for one of the waviest flips I’ve heard in a long time

Artfromayar — Wondering

Nothing mixes better than hip-hop and soulful jazzy beats and Artfromayar blends the two to perfection, blessing us with introspective lyricism, nice flows all complimented with a beautiful instrumental. Also, be sure to check his latest project Love & Gold.

Gray — Deposition

Deposition’ is one the reasons why we hold Gray so highly, I have said many times he is the future and he keeps proving me right. The ‘ Get You ‘ sample on this track is beautiful, the use of the Kali Uchis vocals were sublime all creating a great song from an artist who always delivers.

BiigPiig — Flirt (prod. dylantheinfamous)

Ever since her Colors I have been a huge fan and it’s mainly due to the way she is able to blend mellow sounds together always resulting in smooth songs which are perfect to vibe to. Also, she recently released an EP ‘Big Fan of The Sesh, Vol.1’ so be sure to check that.


KEYAH/BLU — alice’s purge (raw)

Keyah is a true wordsmith, I love the emotion she is able to display in her music which really shows you how talented she is as an artist and Alice’s Purge is the song that made me a fan, there is something so beautiful about the way that song was crafted and after this  I cannot wait to hear more music from her.

APHRA — Plastic – Moses Sumney Cover

I was lucky enough to stumble across this perfect rendition of Moses Sumney’s Plastic. APHRA is making a name for herself with these amazing covers on SoundCloud and I cannot wait to see where she takes her artistry next, her talent is undeniable.


After a short hiatus he is back and has not missed a single step, it is crazy how he is able to constantly produce bangers or smoother RnB inspired tracks which sound just as good but it happens so often now I don’t even question it, his talent is insane and it really is just a matter of time before he blows.


These guys are the best group in the UK right now and before you argue think, do any of these groups have every single member with flows for days and can hold their own easily? VXMOB do not have one weak member and get better with each release and finally, they are starting to get the recognition they deserve.

Finn Foxell — Ericsson (Prod.Mistakay)

One of best talents from West London and London period. Hailing from the ELEVATION/MEDITATION collective, Finn Foxell is an artist who is destined for big things and songs like this prove why. Artist pushing the barrier with their sound likethis push the culture forward and we need to support it.

[ K S R ] — bad behaviour

The talent coming out of Manchester right now is ridiculous and [ K S R ] is one of the best doing it right now period, his voice is beyond incredible and his beat selection is always flawless. It is always a pleasure to listen to his music and I look forward to what else he has in store soon.

Tima — just U[s] ft. rizloski (prod. c medina)

From her first SoundCloud to release now Tima has consistently reached new heights with each release it has been amazing to see her growth as an artist each song she takes it to a new level and with this song she made her best one yet and I know in the future she is going to reach astronomical heights.

TESS KHARYN — “Senses”

Tess has a sound I really enjoy, which is very unique and ever since ‘ After Party’ I’ve become a big fan. She is able to perfectly match harmonies and melodies and on ” Senses ” she creates a warm infectious RnB anthem leaving us all wanting more.

CARLA — fuckgal anthem

This song is so weird and unique but I love it, the instrumental is genius and the way she is able perfectly to float on the instrumental is beautiful, the song sounds like nothing I have heard before and I cannot wait to hear more from CARLA.

Archie Moor — Mirrors (feat. Nick Bowens)

Irish Hip-Hop is alive and growing, people like Archie Moor are living proof of this, soulful beats, wavey flows and introspective lyrics all tied together with the help of Rising star Nick Bowens for a song to make any hip-hop fan would be happy with.

Ebz the Artist. — Say It. (Prod. by Ebz.)

There is something so special about this song, the way the blissful harmonies at the beginning of the song perfectly set the mood for the song; the repeated ‘ Say it’, her rapping at the end, all come together to create an ethereal vibe. Her vocal performance on this song is beautiful and as we said before this is going to be a huge year for her.

Bel Cobain — eucalyptus

To think this song was literally recorded on Wii remote on garage band is incredible, it still manages to sound amazing. The warm instrumental perfectly accentuates her vocals for one of my favourite songs on this weeks section.

Full Playlist


Written by @Mags_ls


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