Weekly Star 5

Weekly Star 5

A section where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week features 14 songs

Jaz Karis – Sugar Don’t Be Sweet

The 20-Year-old singer from Croydon, whose influences range from Icons such as Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu to more recent artists such as Miguel shines with ‘ Sugar Don’t Be Sweet. ‘ The singer has the voice of an angel and here she delivers one of the most beautiful songs of 2017, Jaz Karis recently released a EP called ‘Into the Wilderness’ and we assure you it is worth the listen, as she is destined for big things.

Xavier Omar – Runnin’ Round

Xavier Omar is at the forefront of this new wave of RnB, he has a distinct sound and pushes boundaries with his music. He continues to follow this blueprint, with his latest song ‘ Runnin Round’. It features the eclectic jazzy production you expect from a Xavier Omar song, while he delivers lyrics to a lover telling her to stop running around complimented with a perfect hook.

Sonder – One Night Only

On ‘One Night Only’ Sonder continues that 90’s vibe which they have channelled so well and made in to their own sound. This song has not been officially released but I heard it on Soulection and fell in love with it instantly. The fact Sonder are sitting on this kind of unreleased music shows their potential is endless.

Lylo Gold – Over U

Lylo Gold delivers a lovely 90’s RnB vibe on this song, reminiscent of the type of vibe you imagine in any classic 90’s RnB anthem but at no point on the song does mimic or just stick to a typical 90’s sound. She manages to make the sound her own, delivering heartfelt lyrics about unrequited love coupled with an infectious hook creating a beautiful song.

Mahalia- Hold On (feat. Buddy)

Mahalia teams up with Buddy to produce an anthem you will be hearing long after today. Mahalia has been making big moves recently, she was featured on Colours where she delivered an amazing performance of her song ‘ Sober’ and now she is out here releasing more bangers. The instrumental to this song is perfect and her and Buddy deliver on the verses and we strongly recommend you keep your eyes out to see what she does next.

Micofcourse – Krillin’s Burial II

When I first heard this I instantly screwed my face, Micofcourse has the type of sound that just screams old grime, reminding me of old pirate radio sets. Micofcourse kills this track effortlessly, if you want hard hitting flows and quotables he is your man. He belongs to BURNOUTLDN a platform which holds talented artist much like himself so check them out as well.

Little Simz – Good For What

For a while I’ve been saying Little Simz is one of the best rapper in the UK, bar for bar she is up there with anyone but what separates her for me is that she can make great albums and great songs, not many artist have the ability to do both but Simz has mastered it. On ‘ Good For What’ she continues to do what she does best. Murder tracks.

Tish Heart- War

Another artist from BURNOUTLDN, Tisha Heart comes with heat on ‘War’ delivering flows and bars for days, creating a catchy banger letting people to know not to mess with her.

Camzino- Shining

I think Camzino has been in every ‘ Weekly Star’ so far but when you have his work rate and talent it is only right you are constantly featured. On ‘ Shining ‘ Camzino once again shows his versatility, providing the vibes once again.

RRC – Phineas and Ferb

Wavey  beats and too many flows to keep count, Royalty Collective constantly come with bangers and we highly recommend you hop on their wave now before they blow.

Clairo Sum1 else

Clairo provides one of the smoothest songs of the year with this one and proves in this generation people can make music anywhere, it is beautiful to see people making such great music from their own bedroom as she does here. Clairo has a very chill vibe I really enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what she does next

Deoba – Henny and Chill

He said it himself he makes music for you to chill to, his ‘ Chilogy’ EP was sensational and sadly we could not put the whole EP on here but this was our favourite song on the EP and if you have not already go and listen to the rest of the EP.

24HRS- What You Like FEAT T-PAIN

The singer is brothers with MADEINTYO and I guess bangers run in the family, ‘ What You Like’ is one of most infectious songs I have heard in a long time and it is guaranteed to put you in a good mood or set the right vibe.

Sampha and Syd- Everything Is Recorded

Not every day two of your favourite singers collaborate but when they do you have to cherish those moments. Sampha and Syd who are both coming off amazing projects this year; team up to make something special blending Sampha’s sound with Syd’s more sultry vibes.

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Written by @sam_magss 


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