Weekly Star 6

Weekly Star 6

A section where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week features 14 songs.

POPPY AJUDHA – Spilling Into You

‘Spilling into You’ has a new soulful jazzy vibe much like the one Hiatus Kaiyote provide, where they take such a soulful sound and somehow make it sound modern, blending a wide range of instruments with soulful vocals creating music that would sound even better live. We also cannot neglect Kojey Radical, the rapper provides a nice cameo tying the track together perfectly.

Poppy Ajudha has been an artist we have been following for a while and it is amazing to see the progression of her music and it is clear she is destined for big things (and hopefully a song with Hiatus Kaiyote). Here at LonelyStar we cannot wait to see what she does next.

Taliwhoah – Meds

North London singer Taliwhoah has been gaining a lot of attention due to the creativity of her music she meshes a wide range of genres such as RnB, House, Funk and Reggae creating her own sound. Her sound has ‘ Soulection’ vibe; where the music sounds futuristic and that is the vibe I get from ’ ‘Meds it’ has an instrumental that reminds of Kaytranda’s production style; Taliwhoah has clear song writing abilities, her lyrics tell a story of revenge on a lover while providing an infectious hook for a song which you could play in any setting.


Snoh AAlegra has very delicate and perfect sound, every note she sings is so precise and the production which is often done by No I.D. always leaves the listener captivated giving off a cinematic feel; her music would fit perfectly in many old films. when this production style is together with her song-witting skills it delivers an endless flurry of feels and emotions and ‘Feel For You’ is no different, providing a feeling of warmth and comfort, her vocals sound angelic over the genial production, providing one of the most beautiful songs of the year.


Arguably one of the most consistent rappers in the UK in any season but whenever winter approaches A2 reaches his final form, providing flows and feels, constantly switching between rapping and singing like he does so well in ‘ Trade Places’ showing why he is one of the best in the UK.

Lancey Foux – Alot of Ice

If you like dark eclectic beats, a wide variation of flows Lancey is your man, he said he was going for a darker sound with his music from now on and we could not be happier. ‘Alot of Ice’ is exactly what we want from Lancey and we cannot wait to hear more from him.

Geovarn – Holla (ft Keys)

If you say UK RnB is dead or one dimensional you are not looking hard enough. Geovarn has all the keys to be the next superstar in the UK scene: hooks, vocals or flows he has it all so we recommend you hop on his wave now before he takes off.

Cicero – have faith (rough)

How many singers are able to deliver spoken word as powerful as their singing? Cicero truly is a special talent. On this song she gave me Lauryn Hill vibes, she knows it is important to carry a message with your music but still make it sonically pleasing and she seems to have mastered this. ‘ Have Faith’ is a wonderful song and we cannot wait to see what she does next.

Boy Nash – Freedom Live session

Another artist who makes amazing music with a message. Boy Nash a rapper and poet from South London has a soulful sound and he displays this on ‘ Freedom’, the song has a studio version but the live version is so raw and powerful I posted that version instead. Boy Nash recently released an EP called ‘YMLK Part III Shackles’ which we highly recommend you check it out.

Tonia – Something to Say

Tonia also gave me Lauryn vibes, she is a wonderful vocalist and also does spoken word on this track. on ‘ Something to Say’ Tonia delivers gems and a beautiful song showing why we fell she is destined for big things so we advise you keep your eyes on her.

NI.KO – My Place

On ‘ My Place’ NI.KO deliver a smooth house inspired track, when you hear this track you would think he has been doing this for years. The singer from London really is someone to look out for and we expect big things from him in the coming months.

Rendezvous At Two – Play With Me

The amount of talent coming from the UK scene right now is crazy and Rendezvous At two are without a doubt some of the best to do it right now. ‘ Play With Me’ delivers the late night drive vibes they do so well and is just an all-round perfect song. The song is available on major platforms November 1st make sure you support!

Ravyn Lenae – Unknown

‘Unknown’ is without a doubt one of my favourite songs this year, the concept of it is flawless, meshing Monte Booker’s unique futuristic production style with Ravyn’s angelic vocals and sognwriting abilities creating one the best RnB songs of the year.

Elujay – Worth it W/ Joyce Wrice

Elujay teams up with Joyce Wrice for maybe one of my favourite songs on this week’s ‘ Weekly Star’. The song has such a good feel to it and both Elujay and Joyce shine on this song delivering a perfect collaboration.

Tyus – 2SoulsIntertwine

Tyus is makes the type of RnB that became so prominent in the mid 2010’s, music that can be categorized in that PnD and Tiller realm where they all make similar but very different music to each other but it provides the same purpose. On ‘2SoulsIntertwine’ Tyus delivers that feeling we like to get from this kind of RnB, it puts you in a state of ‘ feels’ and makes you think about relationships you never had.

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Written by @sam_magss


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